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Meet the team that is proud to call Nashville home, and proud to work with some of the area's top companies.

About <strong>Us</strong>

Meet the Team

Managing your Phone Systems and Exceeding Your Expectations.


One of the original three who started Magic Apple, this southern gal knows all of the ins and outs of our business. And where the bodies are buried. Oops, did I just say that?

Business Manager

She keeps track of our dollars and cents and handles all of our HR. This basically means don’t make Holly mad.
Speaking of bodies, when she was a little girl, her grandpa transported her granny in her coffin in the back of a borrowed station wagon from Mobile, Alabama all the way to Marion, North Carolina. They may have saved the cost of flying her body, but Holly’s memories of riding with her grandma’s body in the back seat? Priceless. Side note: Holly’s Will states that she has opted to be cremated.
Colleagues describe Holly as fun, loving, and wicked smart. Holly’s got Southern charm and she knows how to use it. She loves working with our clients and winning them over with her dazzling personality.
Holly is married to Magic Apple CEO and co-founder Matt. For fun, you can find her laughing with her husband, two kids, and rescue dogs. Laughing’s her favorite. But not at the dogs. Missy can’t help it that she has summer teeth. Some are here… Some are there…


Have you ever met a guy that took his passion and turned into a multi-million dollar business? Matt Lloyd loves all things phones. Yes. You read that right. Phones. Matt is like the Bubba Gump of phones.

President/ Co-Founder

“You’ve got rotary phones, VIOP phones, pay phones, mobile phones….”
You get the picture.

He collects vintage phones, has worked in the phone industry his entire career and even has a phone tattoo on his right arm.

No, I did not make that last part up.

This phone-loving guy started Magic Apple Technology in 2008 and quickly grew it to Nashville’s leading phone provider for businesses. He did this hand-in-hand with his business partner, Jeremy, and wife/best friend/mother of his two kids Holly.

What is Matt’s secret for success? “I have a stubborn need to see things done the right way. I can see an issue from our customer’s perspective and strive to make our vision as close to that as possible.”

Not bad for a History major.

If the phones thing doesn’t impress you, he can quote almost every line from every Austin Powers movie.


Jeremy is the Apple behind Magic Apple Technology. The lifelong Tennessee resident grew up on a farm in a small town north of Nashville. That farm actually happens to be part of the Bell Witch story, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Operations Manager/ Co-Founder

Jeremy is a resident Asterisk expert and leads customer service, support, installation, configuration, training and maintenance of our asterisk phone systems. That is, when he’s not developing new technology products or working on overall direction for the company.
He may have a quiet, unassuming manner but make no mistake, Jeremy gets stuff done. Talk to him for two minutes and you’ll quickly see his confidence and love for Magic Apple and the product that they deliver.
“We pride ourselves in delivering excellent service to our customers. I spend a great deal of time reading and learning more about phones. I truly love working with phones. We spend a lot of time educating the customer on best practices, setting expectations and delivery on the things we said we could provide.”
He’s got the credentials to back all of this up. After majoring in Computer Science at Austin Peay (Let’s go Peay!), he spent eight years working in telecommunications before opening up Magic Apple Technology with Matt Lloyd.
If he’s not at work, you might find Jeremy at the Preds game with his wife and two young kids.


Magic Apple is what gets Steve out of bed in the morning. Yes, he has a beautiful family, but really it’s all about the Apple.
As general manager, his motto is an oldie but a goodie: treat the customer how you’d want to be treated. Simple as that.

General Manager

Steve keeps the ole Magic Apple ship sailing smoothly by overseeing day-to-day operations of all technicians, making sales call and responding to incoming customer calls. He’s also the guy you’ll deal with when you need a quote or new estimate.
Steve has worked in telecommunications for more than 37 years. How’s that for experience?
And he’s resilient. Steve was once run over by a car and lived to tell about it.
Outside of work, Steve can give a mean Hambone performance


One of our newest team members is not afraid of any challenge.  With over 20 years in telecom, Paul takes each challenge in stride and always remains calm. One thing for sure you’ll never see him sweat.

Help Desk Extraordinaire

As a former US Army Airborne Ranger, Paul is not afraid to jump out of or into just about anything.  Paul’s a proud father of 3 and Grandfather to 3.  This has given him the patience of a saint.  A trait that has come in handy over his long career.  Paul’s Favorite quote is,  “The difference between a coward and hero is not whether you’re scared, it’s what you do while you’re scared.”


 Nick is all about the details. His attention to the little things is what makes him such a great support tech.
His favorite clients give him candy and hugs to show their appreciation, so he must be doing something right.

Field Technician

That ONE time he wasn’t about the details? He got his hotel room confused and ended up in the wrong one. In the middle of the night, a group of people came in and yelled “surprise!” Oops.
When he’s not rescuing customers from tech perils, you’ll catch Nick playing Frisbee golf at the park or dropping a line in the lake.
His favorite quote is “skin that smoke wagon and see what happens.”
Nick’s a lifer at Magic Apple. He promised to be here until the wheels fall off.
Buckle up and enjoy the ride, Nick.


Magic Apple’s very own “Young Gun”. Gage may be young but he makes up for it with hard work and amazing attention to detail. He takes on each new challenge (and at 20 something they are all new) as a person with twice his experience.



Gage’s attention to detail comes from his love of all things mechanical. Gage has been working on or taking apart just about anything with a motor for the majority of his life. He understands the importance of doing a job right the first time and applies that each and every day at Magic Apple. If you get a chance to talk to him then you know he’s also a really nice and helpful guy.


Alex. Yes, he might be the biggest neat freak you’ve ever met in your life. And yes, he might talk your ear off about audio recording/gear for an absurd length of time. But he means very well, and is constantly trying to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their Business Phone systems. Seeking an upgrade? Talk to Alex.

Inside Sales Representative

Alex drives a 1989 Cadillac Deville that’s actually in gorgeous condition. He gets compliments at the gas station frequently. He loves to spend maybe too much of his paycheck on new recording equipment. Oh, and did someone say a new tattoo perhaps? Yes, he’ll take one. He has a full sleeve on his left arm.


Even at a young age Darrell loved electronics and anything related to it. He built his first radio at age 8 and first computer at age 15. It was built using the Motorola 6502 processor and programmed in assembly code with hex a keypad.  I can’t help but think of the flux capacitor in Back to the Future. Anyone else?….No?…Moving on.  He has loved electronics and computers ever since.  Darrell has an AAS in electronics engineering technologies. Come to think of it he kinda reminds me of Doctor Brown.

Help Desk

His first real job in 1987 was as an electronic technician doing component level repair. It wasn’t long until Darrell got bitten by the telecom bug and it has been his passion and career for 34 years. He has worked for companies like IBM, Bellsouth, ATT, and now Magic Apple.  He said, “Magic Apple is loaded with cutting edge technology and hands down the best at customer service and customer support that he’s experienced.”  Thanks for the kind words Darrell.  If you get a chance to talk to Darrell I’m sure you will agree this telecom legend knows his stuff.

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