Brenwood Academy

Case Study How it started Where You Go, We Will Follow Brentwood Academy (BA), a private college prep school around for 50 years, had a phone system provider that was great – until they weren’t. Breaking down and becoming more unreliable, Chris called on Jeremy, a pal from the company, to get the phones working […]


Case Study How it started The Story Of NinjaFly & Magic Apple: A Match Made In Heaven You know the whole “boy meets girl, love at first sight” story? This is kind of like that. Across wavelengths and internet data fields, NinjaFly’s lead engineer and owner heard about Magic Apple’s services and rave reviews. After […]

NorthStar IT Services

Case Study How it started See How a partnership With Magic Apple Helped NorthStar IT Services The NorthStar and Magic Apple partnership started in 2015 when Jarrod went on a quest for an Asterisk-based  phone system. His mission? To find one that could easily integrate with a client’s CRM. Lo and behold, he found Magic […]

In Need of a VoIP Phone that Works Remote? 

voip phone that works remote

Are you already part of the remote work revolution? Welcome back to the wandering worker series, where we discuss remote work and all its wonders- or struggles.     With more businesses embracing the flexibility and freedom of remote work, many wonder how to unlock the true potential of their virtual workforce. Today we are here to […]