Omnichannel Contact Center

We provide a communication command center for your support team superheroes, making sure they can assist your customers on any channel at any time – whether they prefer text messages or sending a carrier pigeon. 

Stay on top of your channels

Easily respond to calls, emails, and chats without frantically jumping between different apps.

Easy Inbound & Outbound Call Management

Switch between handling customer questions and corporate outreach without breaking a sweat.

Provide Ultra-Personal Service

Connect your CRM and ticketing tools to access information faster, guaranteeing agents have the context they need for every conversation.

What You Can Accomplish With Our Platform

Provide Better Support For Your Customers, Minus the Agent Burnout

What is included

Every Channel, With All The Trimmings


Engage customers personally through voice calls, creating genuine connections and resolving issues with a human touch. 


Provide detailed support via email, allowing customers to express concerns and receive thorough assistance at their own pace. 


Offer real-time help through webchat, ensuring instant support and a seamless conversation for customers seeking quick solutions. 


Connect with your audience on social media, addressing concerns and building a community around your brand for a personalized and interactive experience.  


Send concise and timely information via SMS, keeping customers informed and engaged while respecting their preference for brief communication. 

Why choose Magic Apple

Reliable Platform & Reliable People

Our Service Keeps Things Simple

Because We'd Never Sell What We Wouldn't Use.

At Magic Apple, we believe in “drinking our own champagne.” Which is why our team tested it thoroughly before release, to be sure you’d get the best of the best when it came to omnichannel contact centers. 

We Set You Up With Everything You Need To Serve Your Customers

Features Include

We'll Always Be Here to Support You

Human Support, 24/7/365

At Magic Apple, we make it a point to be available whenever you need us. And when you call in, you’ll get a representative who knows your name, knows your business, and can help you right away. No more waiting on hold or jumping from agent to agent. We’ll solve your problems in one simple call.   

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Nashville's Best Companies

Magic Apple's Omnichannel Contact Center

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