Future-proof Your Business With POTS Replacement

It’s time for a POTS replacement. The demand for POTS continues to decrease, which means the costs will continue to increase. The Magic Apple team cares about you and your business and would hate to see you paying more and struggling to keep up as technology keeps changing. We can help by not only saving you money but also giving you a future-proof communications option! 


What's Your POTS replacement Plan?

It’s only up from here

You Get More With A POTS Replacement

With Magic Apple’s POTS replacement, you get an easy-to-use portal for real-time monitoring and reporting, management, and status updates. You get ease of use and a reliable service you can set your watch by! 

Reliable Data Centers

We keep your data safe in the event of a failure or outage with our geo redundant data centers.  

Connectivity Options

You get multiple connection options for extra bandwidth and backup like cellular and broadband. 

24x7 NOC Monitoring

We give you 24x7x365 monitoring with our AI powered NOC that alerts you in the event of an issue. 

Can’t decide?

Change Is Hard – We Get It

POTS lines have been the answer for businesses for a long time. Unfortunately, we’re starting to see just how long it’s been as we assess their functionality today. While it may seem like it’s easier to just keep going and making it work as is, it’s actually limiting you in many ways: 

Keep what you love

All Of The Gains, None Of The Sacrifice

Get Added Capability

We Give Not Take What You Have

Get ahead of competition

Out With The Old – Future Proof Today

Seamless Collaboration

Your team collaborates easier, and stays connected to customers better with communication tools that let you connect from anywhere.  

Competitive Edge

Being invested in emerging technologies in a digital world means you’re ready for changes and stay a step ahead of your competitors.  

Better Responsiveness

Staff can help customers faster with features like call routing and auto attendants, improving your customer service and customer retention. 

Helpful Features

With video conferencing, simultaneous ringing, and so much more, you get the help you need from a system to streamline your operations. 

Reduced Costs

Overall costs are reduced because the need for physical lines and expensive maintenance costs of a POTS system are eliminated. 

Reliable Connectivity

Geo redundancy and high uptimes keep you connected, minimize downtime, and give you communication reliability.