Supporting a Hybrid Work Model with Hosted PBX 

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No matter how you may feel about it, hybrid work is here to stay. In fact, according to a recent study, the hybrid work model is expected to grow to from 42% to 81% by 2024. That’s because, for many businesses, hybrid work is the perfect blend of in-office camaraderie and remote work productivity. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and provides employees with the flexibility they’ve come to expect. 

If you’re looking to adopt a hybrid work model for your employees, you’re going to need a few things: 

  • Buy-in from your employees.  
  • Processes in place to track goals and performance metrics 
  • Cloud-based project management tools 
  • And, most importantly, a comprehensive communication system. 

Hosted PBX: The First Step on Your Road to Hybrid Work 

Before starting, you may be thinking – a PBX, really? And our answer is yes, really! The key to successful hybrid models is keeping your teams connected no matter their physical location. And a hosted PBX offering does that – plus a whole lot more. Let’s dive in, shall we? 

A Hosted PBX System Lets You Work from Anywhere 

Most, if not all, modern PBX systems come equipped with a “softphone” application. This app is a portable version of your hosted PBX and can operate on any device that’s connected to the internet. No specialty hardware needed! No matter if your employees are in the office for the day or working from home, they’ll still have access to all the features and functions your hosted PBX solution has to offer.  

A Hosted PBX System Preserves Customer & Employee Privacy 

For Customers: For most PBX systems, all calls made via the softphone application are highly encrypted, preventing any hacker from decoding sensitive information. In addition, the app also securely stores whatever customer data enters in the PBX system – name, phone number, address, etc.  

Now you can rest easy knowing your employees won’t accidentally dial a work contact from their private device or accidentally share important information with the wrong people. After all, they’ve got to go through multiple steps to access customer numbers now. This brings us to the employee benefit. 

For employees: During the pandemic, many workers were forced to use personal devices for work calls. And while this helped them keep up with business, it ended up being more of a hindrance than a help. Many employees are now receiving work-related calls after hours – ones that can’t be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes. 

Also, having a hosted PBX with a softphone application allows your employees to maintain their professional boundaries even when they’re remote. When a customer calls, it can be sent directly to the app on your employees’ mobile devices, allowing them to keep their private lines private no matter what. 

A Hosted PBX System Saves You Money 

Unlike other solutions, hosted PBX systems build entirely in the cloud. That means no expensive hardware or hiring investments. It runs on any internet-connected device and is kept up by your provider. They handle all upgrades, bug patches, and maintenance issues that arise, leaving you free to worry about your business – not your phone system. This extensive technological support comes included in your per user per month fee. 

A Hosted PBX System Takes the Pain Out of Growing Pains 

In the days of legacy systems, adding new users and phone lines might take days or even weeks. With hosted PBX services, you can add or remove users in just minutes with a call or a few clicks. No more hardwiring new office phones or struggling to connect to the PSTN. Now you can hire whoever you want from anywhere in the world and know you can get them set up quickly and easily.  

A Hosted PBX System Ensures Reliability 

Reliable service is crucial for businesses, especially because most of them rely on phone communication to connect with co-workers and customers. Traditional PBX systems run via copper cables and are prone to general wear and tear, vulnerable to natural disasters, and often damaged by thoughtless construction. This results in long, lingering outages that hurt your reputation and your bottom line. 

Hosted PBX solutions use the internet to function, so as long as you have a steady internet connection you’ll still be in business. But what if there’s an issue with your provider’s cloud services? No problem! Most hosted PBX providers have built-in georedundancy. This means that if one server goes down, another can take its place immediately, resulting in no interruption of service. 

Go Hybrid Today with Magic Apple’s Hosted PBX 

Not only does our Hosted PBX solution have all the features & functions your employees need, but we’ve also got a team chock-full of industry experts ready to answer your questions. At Magic Apple, we pride ourselves on not just providing best-in-class solutions but best-in-class customer service too. Want to see the magic for yourself? Reach out to us today to schedule your no-pressure demonstration today

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