VOIP Case Study, Pharmacy Management Company

VOIP Case Study, Pharmacy Management Company


  A Pharmacy Management Company located in Nashville had a very expensive legacy business phone system.  

  The company’s current business phone solution had been in place for over 10 years.  The company was growing and adding new people every month.  Using the legacy phone system to add new users costs almost $1,000.00 per person.  That cost covered the new phone, license, and labor to install it.  The company also had a need to work more remotely.  This was not possible on the legacy system.  

  The Company was paying $1,605.00 a month for voice services from Comcast as well as $520.00  on a monthly service agreement.    Their system was a heavily licensed system.  A one-year average of additional cost was $2,400.00.


  Magic Apple was able to design a cloud-based business phone system that addressed all their needs. The company could easily add new people at a much lower cost, roughly $50.00 per person.  The new business phone system provided by Magic Apple also included desktop softphones for desktop and mobile.  This came in handy when working from home became a necessity during the pandemic. The company now has the peace of mind that when it comes to their business phone system, Magic Apple will take care of it. 


  The company was paying on average $27,900 a year.  That breakdown looks like this.

$1,605.00 per month for Comcast Voice Services = $19,260.00

$520.00 per month in a support agreement.= $6,240.00

$2,400.00 per year in other support and licensing cost = $2,400.00

Total $27,900.00

  Magic Apple was able to provide an awesome worry free onsite installation for a one time charge of $3,000.00 and provided 67 new hosted seats for $1,360.00 per month.  That is a savings of $8,580.00 the first year and $11,580.00 each year after.  Total savings over the three year agreement is $31,740.00.  These results are not normal.  We usually see at least a 10% to 20% annual savings when moving from a legacy phone system.

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