Brenwood Academy

Case Study

How it started

Where You Go, We Will Follow

Brentwood Academy (BA), a private college prep school around for 50 years, had a phone system provider that was great – until they weren’t. Breaking down and becoming more unreliable, Chris called on Jeremy, a pal from the company, to get the phones working again and again. Chris had enough and decided to switch to a VoIP system. Jeremy, Jeremy Apple that is, announced he was creating his own VoIP company, so Chris followed without a second thought. On to Magic Apple, they said. 

The nice thing about the cloud option is you’re not tied to a local on-premises server. If the power goes out here, or there’s some weird interruption, people can still ring through, which is awesome.”

Chris Allen – BA Technology & Robotics Director.

How It Faired

Commitment to Overdeliring

A 20+ year relationship didn’t hurt but what really made this partnership work was Magic Apple’s commitment to overdelivering and maintaining a no BS policy. They mean and do what they say they’re going to, it’s their integrity guarantee.  

Comprehensive Solutions

Magic Apple provides comprehensive, tailored solutions. BA shares the same pursuit of excellence for their students as Magic Apple does for making their customer’s lives better and more efficient.  

Committed Partner

Like BA’s commitment to the future success of their students, Magic Apple is just as committed to their customer’s success and goes the extra mile in the process. 

Innovative Products

As the world of education and technology changes, the safety of our children depends on new ways to combat emergencies. Magic Apple’s innovative solutions ensure the best options now and in the future.  

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