The Future of Work Is Here: Which Industries are Investing in Remote Work? 

future of work

When you read the title, the first thing you probably thought of was IT. Come on, you can be honest. Mainly because you’re right. It’s one of the top three industries in the United States to embrace the future of work.   

That being said, remote and hybrid models are no longer associated with tech-based jobs. Dozens of other industries are leaping headfirst into the future of work, which has opened up various opportunities for employers and employees alike.  

Let’s take a look at some industries that are investing in remote work.  

Customer Support  

Once tied to call centers and office spaces, customer support has welcomed remote work with open arms. Thousands of companies across various industries now offer work-from-home customer support positions. Why? Because cloud phone systems empower reps to support clients from anywhere. Without sacrificing their quality of care. And no, it’s not too good to be true. Thanks to features like call directing, automated menus, and call recording, reps can:  

  • Send calls to the right places  
  • Review past interactions  
  • Resolve issues immediately  

Banking & Finance  

Okay, you got us. There aren’t a lot of tellers who work remotely… Yet. At the moment, the opportunities in this sector are mostly financial analysts, loan officers, and some management positions.  

The thing is online banking is poised to change that. Around 27 percent of Americans are members of an online-only bank with no physical location, and 60 percent of those surveyed are not interested in switching to one, which is why there will be many more tellers working from home in the next five years. Plus, a few online banking specialists. With tools like VPNs and encrypted cloud phone systems, it has made it so simple and secure. For example, with cloud phone systems, finance officers can:  

  • Chat securely, speeding up decision-making  
  • Share critical financial data with the right people 
  • Take important calls on-the-go, no matter where they’re going 

All from the comfort of their homes. Without compromising security.  

Arts & Entertainment  

Talk about an industry that’s jumped into the future of work with both feet! Graphic designers, writers, and video editors can produce beautiful work without stepping foot in a physical space. Platforms like Adobe Creative Cloud and Notion have helped independent artists and multimillion dollar animation studios collaborate with one another worldwide. Not to mention cloud phone systems. Thanks to them, artists can:  

  • Make and take calls from any device without giving away their mobile number  
  • Communicate well and feel more connected thanks to video conferencing  
  • Work on a project together in real-time with screen and document sharing  

Government & Public Administration  

In more precedented times, we would’ve never expected this industry to be open to remote work. Now? A lot of state governments are open to remote and hybrid work. After all, with cloud phone systems, they can:  

  • Get all the security of an official government phone on a mobile app  
  • Keep track of all the calls they receive with automatic call recording  
  • Stay compliant with major data laws thanks to consistent security updates.  

These benefits apply to other government organizations too! NASA, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Health & Human Services, and many more have jobs that let you work from home.  


No bones about it, the legal sector’s a very demanding place. Lawyers, paralegals, and legal researchers review hundreds of cases, conduct hours of research, and keep up with thousands of clients, but they don’t have to do that in the confines of an office. With the right platforms, they can do all of this from anywhere, while upholding attorney-client privilege at the same time. For example, many cloud-based phone systems offer call recording features and case management software integration. A remote attorney can use these tools to:  

  • Participate in virtual court hearings,   
  • Keep detailed case records  
  • Easily collaborate with clients and colleagues on important legal documents.   

Magic Apple: Bringing the Future of Work to You  

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