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How it started

The Story Of NinjaFly & Magic Apple: A Match Made In Heaven

You know the whole “boy meets girl, love at first sight” story? This is kind of like that. Across wavelengths and internet data fields, NinjaFly’s lead engineer and owner heard about Magic Apple’s services and rave reviews. After NinjaFly reached out, the connection was obvious. It was a partnership that shared the drive for excellent customer service and support. The rest is, well, history. 

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They care, whereas a lot of other people just don’t Having Jeremy’s team step up and match my service expectations sealed the deal on our partnership.

Francis –  Lead Engineer and Owner of NinjaFly 

Why It’s Love

What Makes Them A Perfect Match?

NinjaFly & Magic Apple make a perfect pair for so many reasons!  


In a world where the art of customer service is dwindling, NinjaFly and Magic Apple share a commitment of top-notch service for their customers. 


Both Ninja Fly and Magic Apple obsessively prioritize being easily available to their customers and quickly responding to questions and concerns. 


Magic Apple wasn’t just a partner – it was an extension of NorthStar, a trusted hand in handling their customers’ phone requirements.

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