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How it started

See How a partnership With Magic Apple Helped NorthStar IT Services

The NorthStar and Magic Apple partnership started in 2015 when Jarrod went on a quest for an Asterisk-based  phone system. His mission? To find one that could easily integrate with a client’s CRM. Lo and behold, he found Magic Apple through a simple Google search. Well, he found Matt Lloyd, the co-founder of Magic Apple, and the rest is history.

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A lot of people can provide a phone, but not everybody can provide the phone and good customer service. Having good people is a lot of what builds upon that good customer service. And Magic Apple’s got both.”

The magic apple difference

It's Like Magic

What Makes Our Partnership So Successful

NorthStar and Magic Apple Tech work so well together for a plethora of reasons.


NorthStar loves that Magic Apple offers on-site support – none of those faceless “phone mail jail” experiences you get with the big phone vendors.


Having Magic Apple in their corner allowed them to meet customer expectations by offering comprehensive network support. 

Like family

Magic Apple wasn’t just a partner – it was an extension of NorthStar, a trusted hand in handling their customers’ phone requirements.

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