5 Important Benefits of Omnichannel Customer Service

5 Important Benefits of Omnichannel Customer Service

Wondering what all the fuss is about regarding omnichannel customer experience? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find the top five reasons 80 percent of companies are embracing this evolution with open arms – and why you should, too. 

Omnichannel CX Benefit 1: It Helps You Reach a Wide Range of Audiences  

Just like one wrench won’t work for every nut, or one knife won’t work for every kitchen task, one channel won’t work for every customer. Some find it easier to text, others to email or to send a message via social media.  

With an omnichannel customer service platform, you can cater to them all using one online hub, whether they’re tech-savvy Gen Z-ers who prefer live chat or more traditional Gen X-ers who opt for a phone call. 

This inclusive approach will help you reach more people, expanding your market presence and customer base in one fell swoop! But offering the proper communication channels isn’t all an omnichannel customer service platform can do. 

DID YOU KNOW? Younger shoppers are 2X – 3X more likely to shop using “emerging media” like the latest social media platforms, virtual try-ons, livestreams, etc. An omnichannel approach can help you stay ahead of the game. 

Omnichannel CX Benefit 2: It Improves the Quality of the Customer Data You Collect  

Customers know you’re collecting their data. In fact, 80 percent think their CX should improve because of it. But so often, it doesn’t. Why? Well, because that data is trapped in three or more applications, making it difficult for companies to see the big picture. Raise your hand if you relate. 

Here’s where an omnichannel customer service platform can help! It consolidates all that glorious customer data from all kinds of touchpoints – email, SMS, web chat, social media platforms, phone calls, you name it – into one location.  

This all-in-one view helps you understand what your customers like, how they behave, and what problems they might be having. Armed with this knowledge, you can: 

  • Adjust your CX, marketing, and communication strategies 
  • Update your products and services, and 
  • Tweak particular features  

To fit what your customers want and serve them better. 

DID YOU KNOW? Nearly half (48%) of service professionals with a connected, all-in-one solution exceeded their 2022 service goals. Forty-four percent who had “mostly integrated” tools did the same! 

Omnichannel CX Benefit 3: It Helps You Provide Consistently Awesome Customer Care  

If there’s one thing your customers value – and expect – in CX, it is consistency. After all, how would you feel if you had excellent care over chat and less-than-stellar care over the phone? Probably ready to find someone else, and you’re not alone! Over 62 percent of customers would jump ship if their experience with a company wasn’t consistent. 

But with omnichannel service, you can keep the same level of stellar service across all channels, whether a conversation starts over chat and ends over email. This kind of consistency builds your customers’ trust and – eventually – starts boosting your brand’s image. Wondering how? Scroll to benefit four. 

DID YOU KNOW? 85% of consumers expect a consistent experience – with knowledgeable people – across all communication channels. 

Omnichannel CX Benefit 4: It Improves Your Customers’ Satisfaction Levels  

When you make it easy for customers to switch between channels – without losing information or facing delays – their satisfaction goes up. Omnichannel customer service solutions let you do just that, helping you delight your customers at every turn. It doesn’t just benefit them, but it also benefits you! Happy customers are: 

This type of “word of mouth” marketing is worth its weight in gold. It’s even more effective than paid ads, generating up to five times more sales

Omnichannel CX Benefit 5: It Helps You Retain More Customers (& Sell More) with Integrated Online and Offline Experiences  

More customers than ever before are embracing a blend of online and offline shopping. In fact, more than one-third of Americans have made omnichannel features like buying online for in-store pickup part of their regular shopping routine, and almost two-thirds of them plan to continue doing it! 

Omnichannel customer service strategy helps you capitalize on this change by blurring the lines between your physical and online stores. For example, if a customer is browsing online, you can give them a personalized coupon to use in-store. Or, if they need to return an item, you could offer in-store drop-offs. 

This kind of approach definitely pays off. According to Salesforce, companies with a strong omnichannel presence keep almost 90 percent of their customers, compared to only 33 percent for companies without it. It not only keeps customers coming back, but it also creates opportunities for you to sell more via upselling and cross-selling.  

DID YOU KNOW? Upselling is when you suggest an upgraded version of what the customer’s purchasing, like asking if they want an extra scoop for a dollar more. Cross-selling is offering extra goodies that complement what the customer is buying – like a branded tote to carry your clothing purchase. 

Activate the Power of Omnichannel Customer Service Today with Magic Apple 

At Magic Apple, we know a thing or two about providing exceptional customer care. Just ask our horde of satisfied customers! 

“You promised and delivered! I will definitely be using your company again when needed, and I highly recommend it to anyone else needing your service. Keep up the great work!”  

– Rick Sain, [RHS Ventures LLC.] 

“Magic Apple always responds so fast to me. I really appreciate it!”  

– Dawn Genereux, Allpro Staffnet LLC  

“Fast, personal, and amazing customer service!”  

– Selena Van Wyk, Westhaven Golf Club  

We poured all that knowledge into our omnichannel customer service platform. With it, you can enjoy all these benefits and more, plus a team of customer-obsessed geeks ready and willing to help you whenever needed. Want to learn more? Schedule a free demo, or reach out today to get started

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