Remote Work Phone Tips & Best Practices 

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Are you a wandering worker trying to navigate the remote work world? Does communicating through your phone make you feel like a sour grape? Don’t fret, we’ve all had to face a dreaded phone call once or twice, and with remote work taking over, they have become almost unavoidable. But it’s not all bad! There are ways to cruise through phone calls like a breeze, so today, we’ve got some sweet tips and best practices for remote work phone communication. Let’s get started!  

Tip 1: Find a Quiet Place 

When you’re working remotely, distractions are a given. But in remote work’s defense, distractions were also a thing when we were all stuck in an office. Anyways, back to phone calls, background noise can make it hard to hear and be heard. Not to mention the unintentional negative impact a distracting background can have on your professional image.  

With that being said, remember that background noise is sometimes unavoidable, so if some filters through, don’t beat yourself up; it happens to everyone! 

The best thing you can do is find a quiet place where you can take your calls and ensure that you keep a distraction-free space available whenever you need it. 

Tip 2: Use Headphones 

The sound quality of your phone can make or break a call. Using headphones will improve your audio quality, ensuring you’re heard loud and clear. Plus, it’ll help you avoid any unwelcome echoes and even help you concentrate better on what the caller on the other end is telling you! 

Plus, nowadays there are tons of headphones specifically geared towards remote working! And most of them include features like noise cancellation to make sure your sound is crisp and sharp! So, investing in a good pair of those to go with your remote work phone is always a good idea. 

Tip 3: Be Prepared 

Just like packing a snack before a long hike, make sure you’re prepared before a phone call. Have your notes and any necessary information ready, so you can answer any questions that come your way and avoid any awkward silences. It’s not just you – we all hate those! 

Tip 4: Watch Your Tone 

The beauty of phone communication is that you can’t see someone’s facial expressions. But the downside is that tone can be misinterpreted. So, make sure to watch your tone and keep it professional with the words you choose to use, furthermore always be respectful of the person on the other end of call. Remember, you can still leave a good or bad impression on other people even through a phone call! 

According to research by bankmycell 81% of millennials get apprehension anxiety before summoning up thhe courage to make a call

Tip 5: Use a Cloud-Based Business Phone System   

A cloud-based phone system, also known as a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system, allows you to make and receive phone calls through an internet connection using the system’s app. This means you can use your phone system from anywhere. Need to move around the house? No problem. Decided to work from the beach today? Have fun in the waves! You won’t have to miss a single phone call with a cloud-based phone system. 

Ready to Dial into Success?   

Magic Apple Technologies offers a cloud-based business phone system that will make you the apple of your team’s eye. Our system is like a juicy, ripe fruit packed with features that will help you make crisp and clear calls from anywhere. 

With seamless call transfers, a virtual assistant that’s sweeter than honey, and advanced analytics that are the cream of the crop, you’ll be able to get the most out of every single call. So, why settle for a sour experience when you can have a refreshing one? Give us a call, and bite into the magic of our cloud-based business phone system today! 

Happy calling, wandering worker! 

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