5 Things to Avoid When Researching Business VoIP 

Person Researching Business VoIP

Since COVID, more businesses are turning to hybrid work models, allowing employees to work from home and the office. And with that shift comes a shift in their business communications. Hundreds and thousands of businesses are now looking into – and investing in – business VoIP solutions. If you’re investigating business VoIP too, scouring Google for the perfect provider, read on! We’ve got 5 typical pitfalls to avoid if you want to make the most of your research and find the right provider. 

1) Having No Expectations Regarding Your Business VoIP Service 

It is crucial that you set your expectations before you begin researching a business VoIP solution. After all, how will you know which solution is best for you if you don’t know what your budget is or what features you need?  

Set Cost Expectations 

Be sure to set your budget first! Like any product, there’s a wide variety of VoIP services at a wide variety of price points. Deciding what you’re willing to spend per month will help you narrow down your list of providers. 

Many providers already have a list of prices on their sites. If they don’t, reach out to their customer service team for a quote! 

Find Out What Features Your Business Needs 

Second, make a list of your “must-have” features and functions. If you don’t, you could choose a business VoIP service that your employees won’t use. Wondering where to start? No problem! We’ve listed some standard features that you should look for below – especially if your business is implementing a hybrid work model: 

  • Call forwarding (ie Find Me/Follow Me) 
  • Simple call recording and management 
  • Sentiment analysis on inbound calls 
  • Easy number provisioning 
  • Softphone capabilities 

There are many more to choose from, but those should give you a good headstart. You can also add to this list during your research. One provider offering a feature your employees are clamoring for? Add that to your “must-have” list as you research.  

2) Picking the First Business VoIP Provider You See 

There are hundreds of different VoIP services available to small and medium businesses. All it takes is a quick Google search to see that. It’s tempting to just go with the first option Google gives you. But if you do, you may be stuck with a business VoIP system that’s too expensive, doesn’t have the right kind of features, and will ultimately be of little help to anyone. 

Instead, find three to five providers that seem like a good fit and compare them to one another. While this may take more time, it’ll be worth it in the end! 

3) “Fast and Free” Business VoIP Providers 

We get it – free business VoIP services sound amazing. But if you pick a free service, you could be opening yourself to more problems than you might expect. From poor network performance and unintuitive software to a lack of support and security, free services aren’t without their problems. Plus, many of them have a cap on how many users you can have on the system. 

Get the most out of business VoIP, pick a reputable provider. Not only will they be able to grow with you, but they’ll also be able to provide excellent features and top-notch security. 

4) Doing Business VoIP Research on Your Own 

Many small businesses make the mistake of having only one person assigned to business VoIP research. Not only does that lead to research burnout but it also hampers that person’s productivity. If you’re that person right now, consider asking other employees to join you! This will not only lighten your load but also provide multiple perspectives that’ll help you narrow down which business VoIP solution is best. 

5) Business VoIP Burnout 

If you’ve set your expectations beforehand and have set up a search team, the likelihood of burnout will be low. However, it can still happen to the best of business VoIP researchers. You might find yourself lost in a technological “alphabet soup.” You could be stuck between three providers who all look and sound the same. If this happens, take a break. Come back when you’re ready. No one makes a good decision when they’re exhausted or overwhelmed. 

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