7 Hosted PBX Features Your Business Needs 

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If you’ve been in business for a while, you might be considering upgrading your business phone system. This could be because you are looking to save money, or your employees are complaining that the current phone features aren’t keeping up with their needs.  

Phone technology has advanced over the last several years. Companies are opting to upgrade from traditional phone lines to a hosted PBX because of the features a traditional system can’t provide. The features of a hosted PBX, can be a complete game changer around the office. In this blog, we will go over a few of these features and why they are great for businesses.  

1) Auto-Attendant 

An auto-attendant removes the need for a receptionist, as it will automatically answer calls for you. Greetings and menus can both be customized based on the message you want to deliver. The auto-attendant will provide simple options on how to connect with the department or individual at your company. If you want to save money, but still have a company gatekeeper, a hosted PBX with auto-attendant is the way to go. 

2) Video Conferencing 

A hosted PBX should do more than make and take outbound and inbound calls. Most hosted PBX providers integrate audio and video conferencing on their platform. When you create a virtual conference room, your attendees can connect from any internet connected device anywhere in the world. If your Internet connection is stable with high bandwidth, you won’t notice any sound quality issues. This eliminates the need for multiple vendors for phone systems and video conferencing. 

Contact us today and we can make sure your business is hosted PBX ready. 

3) Call Reporting Data 

Do you manage a sales team or call center? Are you in the dark when it comes to your call data? How long are your reps on calls? If you have access to these insights, you can quickly make improvements to sales reps’ scripts or solve hold time issues. If you find a sales rep is closing more deals in half the time, ask for them to share their script or key points. With a traditional phone system, you won’t receive this type of information, however a hosted PBX gives you full reports. 

4) Interactive Voice Response 

An interactive voice response (IVR) and auto-attendant are a lot alike, but you use your voice to interact as opposed to pressing keys. Just use your voice to access menus or departments. You can use simple IVRs or advanced IVRs developed with AI in which you’re almost having a conversation with a human. An IVR allows you to maintain your brand strength and gives a self-service option for your callers. 

5) Free Local and Toll-Free Numbers 

Hosted PBX offers free local and toll-free numbers. This is great for two reasons. One, people are likely to pick up a call from a local number; if they see an unfamiliar area code, they’re likely to not answer.  And two, by having a toll-free number, your contacts won’t be charged if they’re calling you from a landline. There’s no need for your customers or prospects to incur any costs trying to reach you.   

6) Voicemail to Email 

Is your voicemail system clogged? With a hosted PBX, the voicemail to email feature sends them to your email. You’ll receive a notification and an MP3 attachment of the recording. Some providers will offer a transcription in addition to audio. These features allow your employees to be more efficient with their time by taking better notes and easily share call information. 

7) Call Forwarding 

Call forwarding does exactly that; it sends the call from desk phone to your mobile device with no disruption. The call on the other end has no idea, so this is an excellent feature if you have employees who travel or attend a lot of trade shows. 

The Magic Apple Difference 

If you’re ready to make the switch to a hosted PBX solution and enjoy the feature-rich benefits, you might be asking who should I choose as my provider? 

At Magic Apple, we provide a robust hosted PBX solution, and our experts will listen and tailor a solution to fit YOUR needs and we’ll handle the rest; even installation. Contact us today and let’s start the conversation on how a hosted PBX solution can meet your business’ goals. 

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