Everything You Need to Know About VoIP Telephone Systems 

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As a business owner, your plate is pretty full. Ultimate responsibility for day-to-day operations, idea creation, and the overall success of your business is up to you and your decisions. One decision that should be easy is the decision to switch to a VoIP telephone system. If you are new to business, or just looking for a great way to future-proof your business, internet-based communications is the way to go.  After all, the growth of the VoIP mobile market is expected to hit $183.7 billion by 2027. Read on to learn how and why VoIP telephone systems are the best choice for the success of your business.   

What are VoIP telephone systems? 

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. This means that businesses that utilize VoIP telephone systems use the internet instead of traditional phone lines for their voice/audio communications. Not only does VoIP offer a great alternative for voice calls, but it also allows for video features as well. It is important to note that VoIP goes by other names as well. Other names for VoIP include cloud-based and hosted PBX.  

Features of VoIP Telephone Systems 

If you are operating off a traditional phone line, your phone system can simply not perform the way an internet-based phone solution can. There are so many features, functions, and options that are available with VoIP. While all these items are persuasive, the features alone are enough to persuade many naysayers.  

Some key features of VoIP telephone systems include: 

  • Administrator’s portal for full control of the system. 
  • Ability to set call rules.  
  • Video as well as audio capabilities 
  • So much more 

Business Benefits of VoIP Telephone Systems 

If the features aren’t enough to make you want to switch, check out some of the benefits of a VoIP Telephone System for your business: 


A reliable phone system is vital to a prosperous business. With traditional phone lines, you are at the mercy of power outages and general service downtime. Once the system goes down, it could be down for hours, days, or even weeks!  

A VoIP telephone system is not susceptible to outages like that. In your SLA, you should be able to find a guaranteed uptime, which could be as much as 99.999%. You may wonder how this is possible if it is so easy to lose service with traditional lines. Remember, the internet itself is almost always up and running, it’s your equipment that goes down. With the use of mobile devices, you do not have to rely on electricity to access your VoIP telephone system.  


Internet-based phone solutions are easy to scale. With the administrator’s portal, it’s as easy as a few clicks of a button to add another user. A quick phone call to your provider to ensure that all users are supported, and you are on your way! 


Arguably, the most important feature of a business phone system is the ability to be flexible.  With more and more employees wishing to work as a hybrid or remote worker, it becomes more and more necessary to cater to these types of workers. 

As stated earlier, all a VoIP telephone system needs to work is a reliable internet connection. This is especially true with the use of “softphones.” Softphone technology allows you to install an app on a mobile device to access the VoIP system. Utilizing VoIP means your employees have the freedom to work from anywhere.  

Bring Some Magic to Your Phone System 

Now that you know what VoIP telephone systems are and why they are a great option for your business, it’s time to get started with one. This is where Magic Apple Technology can help you out! We offer a hosted PBX solution packed full of the features and benefits your business needs. Call one of our trained experts today and we can discuss getting you started with an excellent VoIP telephone system.  

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