Go Global (Locally) with Nashville Hosted PBX 

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If you are in the market for a business phone system, it’s time to check out hosted PBX. The benefits of a hosted PBX are just what your business needs. With the right solution and the right provider, you can future-proof your business with a phone solution that can help your business’ efficiency, effectiveness, and bottom line! Read on to learn why Nashville hosted PBX is the answer you are looking for.  

What is Nashville hosted PBX? 

Simply put, ‘hosted’ means service through the internet, and ‘PBX’ means private branch exchange. A private branch exchange manages incoming and outgoing phone calls as well as the phone calls and internal communications of a business. And when you get your hosted PBX through a Nashville hosted PBX provider, you’ll get the best service available.  

Hosted PBX, VoIP, and cloud-based phone systems are all essentially the same thing. They allow your business to receive telephony services through the internet. Service through the internet opens the door for several features and functions that are not available through traditional phone services.  

Benefits of Nashville Hosted PBX 

Okay, so you know that Nashville hosted PBX is supposed to offer great functions and features. But what are they? If we are comparing traditional phone service to Nashville hosted PBX, you may be shocked at how much more you get from switching over to a modern phone system. Some key features of hosted PBX are reliability, scalability, and functionality.  

  • Reliability – A reliable phone system is vital to the success of your business. In fact, outages can cost companies anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars, depending on the business type.  That’s what’s great about hosted PBX! The internet is rarely if ever down. Some service providers can even have over 99% uptime guaranteed in their SLA.  
  • Scalability – Scalability for your phone system is very important. As your business grows, your phone system will need to accommodate for that growth. Hosted PBX is easily scalable through your administrative portal and a quick phone call to your service provider.   
  • Functionality – There are undoubtedly many features that make Nashville hosted PBX desirable. Highlighted below are just a few of the exciting features your business can take advantage of when using hosted PBX.  

Voice and Video conferencing 

When connecting and collaborating with colleagues, it’s important that you are able to include as many voices as needed. That’s why conferencing is such a valuable tool. With hosted PBX, you can include far more individuals than ever before.  

Mobile apps 

 The use of softphone technology can take your business phone to new places. Literally! Nashville hosted PBX can come with softphone applications that can be installed on any mobile device. As long as that mobile device is connected to the internet, your employees will have access to your hosted PBX phone solutions.  

Call rules 

 As the administrator of the account, you can make decisions about and set up call rules for your incoming calls. There are also many options for your business calls. For example, you can choose which phones ring, the order phones ring, the menu of your auto attendants, and more. 

Call Data & Reporting 

In addition to the above items, Hosted PBX also comes with the capability to receive data on your phone service. This is great for your business because among other things, you can track high traffic times to ensure that you are staffed properly.  

The Nashville Hosted PBX for You 

Magic Apple Tech is your Nashville hosted PBX provider that helps you improve your business. Not only do we offer a great hosted PBX packed full of the features you need and want for your company, but also offer great customer service. We are ready and waiting to help you decide what is truly best for you. Contact us today to get started with exceptional service and quality solutions.  

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