The Right Phone System Can Improve Your Customer Experience 

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If you’re in business, you know how important it is to give your customers a great experience. After all, great customer experiences (CX) can lead to long-lasting business relationships. Did you know that the phone system you have can have a direct effect on your CX? If you have an outdated phone system, you may be missing out on the functions and features that can help you improve your customer experience.  

Improving Customer Experience with Data 

If you’re a numbers guy/gal, data can help you make informed decisions. A traditional phone system will give you the basics when it comes to analytics, like hold times or call length. However, you may not be able to glean any actionable insight from that information, such as the call quality. 

When a customer calls in for customer service, or to speak to a sales rep, you want to make sure needs are met and the quality of the call exceeds standards. A new phone system will supply real-time data so team leaders can get insights on voice quality, latency, call time and length. Being able to re-listen to the call can help improve the customer service call or improve sales scripts to help close more deals. 

Data can also tell the story of how well your reps are performing, without listening in on every call. Call time and call count can tell managers about their conversations and whether they’re following scripts or best practices. 

Never Miss Important Calls 

With a traditional phone system, your employees are tied to their desk phones. If they’re unavailable or away from their desk, you could miss out on important customer exchanges. If you transition to a new phone system, you’ll improve your customer experience by increasing the availability of representatives. 

Multi-Channel Customer Experience 

In the current day and age when your customers have several avenues of communications at their fingertips, your customers want different contact options to reach you. Not everyone wants to use a phone, which is the only option a traditional phone system allows for. Some may want to submit a ticket via the website, or use a chatbot, or text. A new phone system can fill in any gaps and integrate all communication channels into a single platform, so no message gets overlooked. There’s no need to switch between platforms, as all your messages are found in one dashboard.  

Improve the Customer Experience with Personalized Interactions 

An interactive voice response (IVR) integrated to your CRM can personalize the customer experience. An IVR can address the customer by name, while customers don’t have to constantly repeat their information. That in and of itself improves the customer experience. The phone system and IVR recognize the number. This way the customer can begin to get the help they need right away.  

If a customer calls about a product, but didn’t buy it, the system stores this information. This enables it to be brought up in the conversation. This says to the customer that they’re being listened to, and the company pays attention to details. At the end of every call, an IVR can conduct a user satisfaction survey, so you’re able to gain more insights into how the phone system is improving the customer experience. 

Meeting the Customer Needs 

The latest phone systems, such as a cloud-based solution, uses technology to route the call to specific reps based on skills and ability. If a customer calls in with a specific question on a product or issue, the system will route to an agent who is an expert on that topic. This ends any frustration on the customer’s part. They won’t need to be routed to multiple people – resulting in an improved customer experience. 

Deliver a Top Notch Customer Experience with Magic Apple 

We want to save your business from a bad phone system. You want to improve your customer’s experience and we want you to succeed. Our hosted phone system is built for you, and most importantly, your customers. Give us a call today and let’s get started. 

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