The Doctors Guide to Hosted PBX for Enhanced Medical Office Communication

The Doctors Guide to Hosted PBX for Enhanced Medical Office Communication

The system you chose for your medical office communication is not something to take lightly. Unlike some industries where calls are becoming less important, they are as vital as ever in the medical field. The difference is that patients today expect more when interacting with you and your staff. According to Patient Engagement, 61 percent of healthcare consumers want their customer experience to be more like their online retail experience. The communication demands have risen, and let’s dive in to see how your system compares to what is now standard in medical office communication. 

What is Hosted PBX?  

A hosted PBX is a cloud-based phone system connected through the internet. The provider hosts the PBX in a data center and maintains it, making ongoing maintenance much easier than having an in-house PBX. You connect through a browser or app and have a choice between physical phones or softphones loaded on your computer or device. Hosted PBX is a modern solution to the traditional idea of a phone system. 

Why You Need Hosted PBX for Your Medical Office 

Hosted PBX is not just about technology but also about meeting patient expectations. In the era of hyper-growth in communication tools, patients expect more from their healthcare providers. In fact, 75 percent of customers recommend a business based on customer service quality. By adopting hosted PBX, you can match your patients’ expectations and deepen their trust in your medical office with every interaction. 

What Makes a Great Hosted PBX 

The basis for an incredible hosted PBX lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate with your business and improve the lives of all who use it. That statement may seem ambitious, but it isn’t. Upgraded technology shouldn’t be a burden. Your patients should recognize an upgrade when they interact with your office. They might not be able to put their finger on what it is exactly, but the improvements are there. Your employees’ job simplification should be felt pretty quickly.  

A feature as simple as voicemail-to-email is the medical office communication upgrade of a lifetime. Between patients, you can quickly check your email and get back to people faster.  

Security and Redundancy 

Being in the medical field, you know the importance of security. At the heart of hosted PBX is encrypted communication. That level of security is paramount when relying on it for patient care. Plus, since it’s hosted by your provider the updates are fast and reliable with decreased downtime, when new features or patches are released. No more waiting around for all your employees to update their machines while leaving you vulnerable to technical issues. This enhanced security should give you peace of mind, knowing that your patient data is safe and secure.  

Redundancy goes hand in hand with security. You no longer need to hope that the old-school, on-premise phone system will always be running. With hosted PBX, it runs from the cloud, so even if half the country loses power, the call traffic can shift to an alternate data center to keep you running without any issues.   

Streamlined Workflows 

With hosted PBX, you have the power to easily decide the features you need without spending an arm and a leg and later regretting the installation of a new on-premise phone system. Hosted PBX is customizable to your needs and, with an experienced provider, only gives you the features you need to maximize efficiency. A considerable benefit is streamlining your workflows; on average, people spend 59 minutes each day looking through different software and systems to find what they need. Hosted PBX will help reduce that time wasted and raise productivity with an upgrade to your medical office communication. 

Flexibility and Scalability 

We have recently all been a part of a life-changing event with the pandemic. Medical professionals more than most know the need for flexibility and scalability. Whether there is a rapid influx of patients due to an unexpectedly high influenza season or a shortage of available workers, hosted PBX can adjust to any fluctuations that come your way. For example, you may need to hire some temporary remote workers to answer calls and since this system is cloud-based they can login and start taking calls right away as soon as they get activated in the system. This adaptability ensures that you are always prepared for any situation, giving you the confidence to handle any future challenges.  

Better Patient Communication 

Being prepared for future unknowns is one thing, but increasing the impact of today’s medical business communications needs shouldn’t be overlooked. Patients want to feel like they are more than their medical file; weirdly enough, a hosted PBX can help with that.  

Here are some features that increase personalization:  

 Voicemail to Email  VCall Call Center Features 
 Virtual Fax  Audio Conferencing 
 Call Recording  Video Conferencing 
 Auto Attendant/IVR   

The more patient experience is integrated into your practice, the higher the patient satisfaction level will be.  

Now is the Time to Consider Hosted PBX; Magic Apple is Here to Help 

We hope this article has answered your questions about how hosted PBX can drastically improve your medical office communications system. We understand that evaluating your options can be painful, but you should not embark on this journey alone. At Magic Apple, our core values prioritize our customers in everything we do. We are the team to trust with your communication needs. Contact us today, and let’s see where we can help. 

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