Top 10 Phone System Features for Small Businesses 

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For small businesses, finding the perfect solution for your specific industry can be tough. There are so many phone systems and phone system features out there – how do you know which ones you really need? If you’re in this predicament, you’re in luck! Our team at Magic Apple has compiled our “Top 10” list for small businesses that are on the hunt for the perfect phone system.  

1) Mobile Application (or “Softphone”)  

Of all the phone system features, this one is the most important – especially in today’s work environment. It allows employees to access – and use – their office phone system from any internet-connected device. It also preserves employee privacy, allowing them to make and receive business calls on their personal devices without giving out their personal numbers. 

2) Automatic Compliance 

Business communications is a heavily regulated industry. If your phone system isn’t compliant with those regulations, you could face hefty fines and not be able to conduct business as usual. But small businesses can rarely afford to keep a compliance specialist on hand. Which is why 91% of businesses find that compliance is easier with VoIP. Because all your phone system features should be compliant right from the start. Check with providers to see what certifications they have and how they’re keeping compliant with the FCC and other governing entities. 

3) Auto Attendants 

For small businesses that are understaffed, or looking for better ways to manage their calls, using an auto attendant is an excellent solution. Not only will it route callers to the right destination during normal business hours, but it can also help your customers after hours by providing your hours, sending them to an official voicemail, and so much more.  

4) Voicemail-to-Email 

According to a recent study, 99% of email users check their email every day, far exceeding the number of people who check their voicemail every day. Having a phone system feature that allows you to review your voicemail messages from your email helps small businesses improve their response times and keep better customer records. Especially when working remotely. 

5) Conferencing – Video & Voice 

One of the best ways to keep your team members on the same page is conferencing. Instead of sifting through hundreds of emails looking for the latest update, you can simply send out a conferencing link, bridge to those involved, and settle the matter face-to-virtual-face. Having video and voice conferencing phone system features will not only save you time but also save you money! 

6) Call Recording 

One of the biggest advantages small businesses have over other companies is that personal touch. You remember the names of customers, details of their support calls, and when the best time is to reach them. But as your business grows, it can be hard to keep track of all that information. It can also be hard to gauge how well new employees are doing in customer services interactions. That’s where call recording comes in. This phone system feature allows users to review calls for missed or forgotten details, gives managers a way to review customer service interactions, and so much more.  

7) Managed Caller ID 

In the age of SPAM and robocalling, consumers rarely answer calls from numbers they don’t know. Connect with your customers quicker and easier by setting and managing your company’s caller IDs. We say managing because your phone system features should allow for easy caller ID updates. Adding a new salesperson? Log into your phone system and set up their caller ID in their name. Rebranding your company? Simply swap your new name for the old on your main lines. Not only will it help customers pick up your calls, but it will also add to that personal touch we discussed in point 6! 

8) Find Me/Follow Me 

A must-have in a long list of phone system features. Find Me/Follow Me is great for hybrid work environments, as it allows calls to be forwarded from an office phone to any other designated number. Want to have your office calls forwarded to your cell and then to a voicemail service if you don’t pick up? Your phone system should be able to do that – keeping you connected no matter where you are. 

9) Easy Online Support 

This is a big one. Few things are more frustrating than coming to your provider with an issue but getting put in the back of the line. Or being forced to go through a complicated process to submit a trouble ticket only to be left unread for days. So be sure your phone system features include a simple, online support portal – two to three clicks at the most.  

10) Simple, Web-Based Administration 

From adding new users to editing Caller IDs and accessing billing, you might find yourself updating your phone system frequently. If that’s the case, having a system with an intuitive management portal is a must. You get more control over your phone system features and don’t have to spend time in “phone mail jail” with your provider. 

Find These Phone System Features and More with Magic Apple 

At Magic Apple, we don’t just have phenomenal phone system that’s chock-full of features. We also have a phenomenal customer service team who provide customized support to each and every one of our clients – day or night. If that’s the kind of phone system – and service – you’re after, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’ll be waiting for your call.  

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