Why Your Nashville Business Needs VoIP 

Nashville business VoIP

VoIP technologies have come a long way, and with the arrival of a pandemic that would put us on lockdown for almost two years, cloud solutions were no longer an option for businesses, but a necessity. In Nashville, business VoIP was not the exception. Even though the pandemic has been less and less aggressive, internet-based phone system solutions have stayed popular. If you’re still wondering what the benefits of VoIP for Nashville business are, we tell you all here. 

Nashville Business VoIP: what is it exactly?  

Maybe you have heard about VoIP, but can you explain what it is? Well, you don’t have to, I’m doing it for you: VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it is a technology that uses the internet to make and take calls.  

At least that’s the essence and the beginning of VoIP, but the truth is VoIP technologies have been developed tremendously. If you think the internet gives you infinite options and solutions, VoIP does too. If you are in Nashville, our business VoIP allows you to text, make calls, hold large video conferences, and includes several integrations that can automate business processes.  

Nashville Business VoIP: The Benefits of Internet-Based Solutions 

Now that we are clear on the definition of VoIP, we need to ask ourselves: why do Nashville businesses need VoIP? That’s easy, Nashville holds more than 53,000 businesses in their territory, indicating that multiple industries have found in Nashville a place where business reigns and thrives.   

That’s not something that came out of nowhere, in the Nashville Economic Market there’s more than 2 million people that businesses need to satisfy, and what better way than to upgrade your business communications?  Internet-based phone systems offer a vast number of solutions that not only will benefit your wallet, but also will satisfy your customers’ needs.   

Video, Texts and Voice  

Some of the most basic phone features that you are used to with your personal mobile phone are now a part of your Nashville business VoIP. An upgraded system will offer your team the features they are used to with their own devices, just now they work with your business VoIP.   

These mobile phone “basics” can now be used with your business phone solution:   

  • Mobile: Are you out of the office but a client needs you? No problem! You have your mobile phone with you.  
  • Text: Do you need to communicate with your coworkers in a fast and easy way? No problem, just text them!  
  • Video: Does a potential client want to meet you but doesn’t want to waste their valuable time coming to the office? Don’t worry! Arrange a video conference.  

Nashville business VoIP enriches and at the same time simplifies your communication, while maintaining great audio and video quality. 


Now, let’s go further than the basics. Nashville business VoIP has many great tools for you to choose from when building your perfect solution! With your internet-based phone system, you can automate many processes and save time for you and your employees.  A few valuable automations include:  

  • Auto attendants 
  • Call recording 
  • Find me/follow me 
  • Caller ID 
  • And many, many more! 

Flexibility and Scalability  

And lastly, one of the most valuable perks Nashville business VoIP has to offer is flexibility. Do you or your workers want to work remotely or on site? Perhaps you prefer the hybrid model. Either way, VoIP has you covered!  

But VoIP not only gives you mobility, but also outstanding scalability as well. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars when your team grows. The only thing that you’ll need to do is give your provider a quick call and create a new user if you already have the equipment! Everything’s simple, cost-effective and easy to use when you utilize a VoIP solution. 

Find the Perfect Business VoIP Solution with Magic Apple  

Now that you know what VoIP is, and you know the amazing benefits it can bring to your business, you may have one question left: how can you find the perfect VoIP provider?  

Luckily for you, here at Magic Apple, we offer one of the best Nashville business VoIP solutions available. It offers all the features you need and want while fitting in with your budget. You tell us what you need, and we will handle the rest (yes, even the installation!). Contact us today and look for all the opportunities a new phone system can bring to your business! 

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