How to Craft the Perfect Holiday Message for Your Business Phone 

How to Craft the Perfect Holiday Message for Your Business Phone

Despite all the recent digital advancements in the communications industry, your business phone is still one of the primary ways customers and partners interact with you. That’s why it is important your IVR and voicemail messages are solid, professional, and up-to-date most of the year.  

Unfortunately, sometimes, during the hubbub of the holidays, December is when we let our business phone go. However, that’s precisely when we need to update it the most. Customers need to know your new holiday hours, who to call when their contact is on holiday PTO, or if your offices are closed during the day. 

So here are a few ideas from your friends at Magic Apple on how to create a festive, holiday recording for your business phone: 

1. Keep It Simple.  

Customers aren’t calling your business phone to hear a corporate version of “The Night Before Christmas.” They’re probably in a hurry and wanting information fast. So, give it to them fast!  

“Happy Holidays from [Business Name]! Due to seasonal celebrations, some of our menu options have changed so please listen closely.” 

“From the entire team at [Business Name] we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.”  

2. Add a Little Holly Jolly to Your Hold Music 

No customer likes to be put on hold. But unfortunately, it can be necessary for you to do so – especially during the holidays. Make the time go a little bit faster by playing some of your favorite seasonal tunes on your business phone. It’ll keep them on the line longer and give them a jolt of Christmas while they wait.  

3. Outline Your New Holiday Hours 

Like most businesses, you’ve probably changed your hours a little during the holiday season. And you’ve probably fielded dozens of calls about what those hours are. Instead of wasting valuable time answering the same question over and over, let your business phone do it for you! Including your new hours in your up-front greeting, or on-hold message, is a quick and easy way to give customers what they’re looking for. Here are a few examples: 

“Happy Holidays from [Company Name]! Thanks for contacting us. Please be aware that our working hours have changed to accommodate the season. We will be open from [X Time] to [Y Time] on [Date(s)] and closed from [X Time] to [Y Time] on [Date(s)]. Normal business hours will resume on [Date].  

“Thank you for contacting [Company Name]. Due to the holiday season, our hours have changed. To listen to these new hours, please press [Number]. In case of emergencies, please call us on [Phone Number] or email us at [Email Address]. Happy holidays from all of us!” 

4. Alert Them to Upcoming Closures 

Maybe your offices don’t have new hours but are closed on certain days or during a certain week. If that’s the case, let your callers know! 

“Season’s Greetings from [Company Name]! In spirit of the season, we are currently closed to observe [Name of Holiday]. Please leave us a message and we’ll get back to you on [Date or “the following business day”].” 

“Happy Holidays from Your Team at [Company Name]. Unfortunately, we’re all out of the office today celebrating [Holiday Name]. If you leave a brief message with your name, number, and the reason for your call, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” 

5. Redirect them to Available Resources 

Because so many holidays are celebrated at the end of the year, many of your employees are probably out of the office. Which makes it tricky when a customer needs to talk to someone specific. Thankfully, with the right auto-attendant or voicemail greeting, you’ll be able to redirect callers to someone who can help. 

“Thanks for reaching out to [Company Name or “me”]! It’s [Holiday Name] and as such, many of our team members are spending time with their families and are out of office. You can try contacting us again on [X Date] between the hours of [Y Time] [Z Time]. If you have an urgent request, please call [Employee Name] at [Phone Number] or email them/him/her at [email address]. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season!”  

“Season’s Greetings from [Company Name]. Unfortunately, [Employee Name] is out of the office celebrating [Holiday]. But we’re still here to help! Press [Number] to be connected to another member of our [Team Name] Team.” 

6. Promote Holiday Specials 

If you’ve got a customer or client on-hold, you’ve got a captive audience. And while we do not recommend spamming them with offers, mentioning a few key sales here and there won’t go amiss. Most business phone providers have IVR options that allow you to add short, friendly recordings on top of your Christmas carols and other holiday songs.  

“You’ve reached [Company Name]! If you’re hearing this message, we’re either helping customers or prepping for our End-of-Season Sale, featuring massive discounts on [product name]. We invite you to either stay on hold, hold your place in line, or leave us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Happy holidays!” 

“Looking for [product/service name]? The team at [Company Name] can help! During our [Seasonal Sale Name] Sale, we’re offering [Number]% off all [products/services] from now until the end of the year. Interested in learning more? Press [Number] now!” 

Updating Your Message is Simple with Magic Apple Tech 

Want a business phone that can help you build a beautiful IVR for the holidays? Magic Apple can help! Our business phone system is equipped with all the technological trimmings you need to deck your virtual halls all season long. No add-ons or additional fees required! Reach out to us today to find out how you can get started

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